Frank Partners. Pathways to Services Profitability
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Nick Frank specialises in supporting manufacturing and technology companies to release the inherent value of their Service Business. This results in increased revenue, growth, profitability and customer loyalty.

Frank-Partners represents Nick's personal brand.

I deeply believe that for successful Industrial, Manufacturing & Technology businesses to maintain their premium market position, services has to become a core strategy in their corporate growth plan. But it is not easy for these product centric organisations to profitably develop complimentary services, or if desired move towards being a service / customer led organisation. My mission is to support clients in acheiving this goal.

Increase client revenues and profitability:

  • Creating the mind-set & roadmap for Innovation, Growth & Change
  • Developing and executing coherent service strategies
  • New Services propositions & moving to Integrated Solutions
  • Achieving optimal cost performance through operational and process excellence
  • Driving improvements in customer loyalty & satisfaction
  • Getting more from the parts after-market opportunity
  • Moving from IoT & Big Data concepts, to real value adding remote solutions
  • Enabling people to simply do a great job and increase their contribution

Utilise relavent experiences and proven tools

  • A holistic services business model
  • Practical Assessment tools based on leading academic research 
  • Workshop, coaching & project management skills that bring the best out of organisations
  • General Management business tools learned in blue chip company environments
  • Working with close partners who excel in their professional niche

Structured and Transparent methodology

  1. Explore & Assess: diagnostics and definition of the issue
  2. Plan: Vision, Strategy, objectives & action plan
  3. Act: Implementation and executions
  4. Sustain: Ensure the results are long lasting


  • Respect, uncompromising integrity and transparency
  • Detailed Goal assessment and re-evaluation
  • Measurable and achievable results
  • Effective and efficient project management